"That was his only other option other than jail [about her 8-year old nephew]" — Sharon Rich Victim Attack Video
In 2010, Julie Rich passed away. Sharon swooped in to take advantage of her sister's death.

Sharon Rich: Vicious Exploiter of Family Death

As soon as her sister Julie Rich died, "author" Sharon Rich took control of her sister's accounts. Nearly a decade later, Sharon still profits from exploiting her death.

  • When Rich’s sister, Scientologist Julie Rich, went to the hospital with unspecified intestinal symptoms, which turned out to be cancer, she didn't allow her nephew, Nathan Rich, to come visit his own dying mother. Julie underwent treatment but did not survive. Rich intentionally obfuscated her whereabouts so that Julie's own son could not visit her before she passed. Rich repeatedly ignored his pleas to get the hospital name; she had other ideas. Ideas about being wealthy.
  • A typical tweet from Rich's sister Julie before she passed.
    After taking over her dead sister's accounts, Rich posted tweets like this one: a disgusting 2011 sex post from an ex-celebrity Scientologist. Julie died in 2010.
  • Internal reports support that Rich created or pretended to create a false will, handwritten on a napkin. Conveniently, none of Julie's estate went to anyone but her and her closest allies, Scientology. Rich didn't stop there. She then quickly and silently took over all of Julie's online accounts and emails and tirelessly altered them to act as advertisement bots to boost her book sales. Her unethical behavior would get her booted from any decent organization but she has aligned with other hate-mongering family members and Scientologists.

Since she can’t find many people gullible enough to buy her anecdotal books, she's had to take part in multi-level marketing schemes and even pseudo-scientific cults.

Unable to let the deceased rest in peace and move on with her life and still seething that her books have been unpopular, Rich now spends day and night obsessively lurking on the fringe of the internet trying to make a buck spreading her Amazon affiliates ads. It’s the deadbeat’s full-time job.

This is the same Rich who is such a failure in her work that she has taken to lashing out at victims of child abuse on the internet.

Aunt From Hell, Ultimate Disconnector

Sharon Rich. Aunt from hell

But what really screams hypocrisy is that Rich operates MacEddy, and writes about Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy's romance and family relationships, estrangement and forced disconnection. That’s because Sharon Rich is the true aunt from hell, the ultimate disconnector who by her own choice blew up her own family.

Said Rich’s nephew Nathan, now grown: “I exposed child abuse I experienced as a child and my aunt Sharon made a hate video about me. I am constantly trying to figure out what I did wrong or was there something wrong with me, because she sided with the child abusers.”

Rich’s lengthy list of family members she chose to disconnect from include a nephew, a brother-in-law, and even her entire nephew's other side of the family.

Revealing her true character, Rich did not even let her nephew attend his own mother’s funeral and was nowhere to be found when her nephew was homeless on the streets. Instead, she was busy trashing the memory of her sister and writing dubious books for profit.

Of course, that was when she wasn’t busy viciously attacking her nephew, permanently injuring him psychologically in a disgusting incident of a Scientolgy public video made to slam abused children.

Now Rich is bosom on-camera buddies with Scientologist Carol Kingsley, positioning herself as Scientology's attack dog against families who have suffered through child abuse, when the truth is she has always been a failed, deadbeat aunt to her own family.

A Woman Who Loves to Decieve

Documentary evidence supports that Rich abused her family, her former family, and even her patrons:

  • Rich has defended Scientology child abusers by storming onto the internet and making videos attacking victims of child abuse, while her BFF Carol Kingsley continued to cover up her own role in the Mace-Kingsley child molestation scandal. She has made sizeable contributions to these abusers, money which comes from her company, MacEddy. Some of thhe money MacEddy receives goes to Scientology. The rest of it goes straight in her wallet.
  • Rich and several cohorts stage MacEddy events: book-selling events masked as fan club meetings. Rich and Scientologists refer to her non-Scientologist clientelle as "wogs," a derrogatory term meaning "meak, dull and sleeping: non-Scientologist." She pretends to be an expert with proprietary knowledge about these long-dead celebrities so she can continue to milk her unsuspecting elderly victims' money.

"The Only Other Option than Scientology is Jail"

Rich's history in Scientology is as a secret hidden from her victims. She hides her alien beliefs from them to sap their money but she is a ruthless Scientologist and therefore an anti-Christian (Scientology clearly states there was no Christ). Her dabbling in the occult and Scientology started as far back as 1978. She has completed many high-level Scientology levels in her ongoing persuit of the Science-Fiction cult.

The truth about Sharon Rich is nothing like the sanitized version she presents for MacEddy book readers. The real Sharon Rich is a cold, calculating cult-follower whose backstabbing and chronic lying caused her family members numerous problems that years and millions of dollars couldn't correct. Ultimately, the support of MacEddy and Sharon Rich is the support of dangerous pseudoscience and victim-shaming.

It’s all in her own words. In her video online she attacks her own nephew, a boy who was imprisoned by her and her small group of cult-members in a Scientology punishment ranch for 4 years. After he spoke out not against her, but against the brutality of the ranch, she and her echo chamber of insanity attacked him. She even brought up a sexual incident that happened when he was only 5 years old, at a Scientology school, again blaming him. Here they refer to Rich's eight-year old nephew:

The reason Nathan ended up going to the Ranch is because that was his only other option other than jail.

He had been caught in a closet with another boy. They had been you know, messing around [smiles].

Rich's description of "messing around" barely scratches the surface. She makes no mention of the horrible acts of violence and child abuse Nathan went through, that she and her cult supported and condoned. The only thing she knows how to do is attack victims of child abuse and support those who commit it

Professional Secret-Scientologist

Rich’s claims of living a calm, normal, private life couldn't be farther from the truth. She is an active Scientologist, with services all the way from 1978 to present. She is deeply involved with the church and uses its justifications for immoral, anti-Christian antics like disconnection, victim-shaming, falsely presenting her beliefs and advanced public relations schemes.

Financial motives are the key to understanding why Rich doesn't admit to her cult connection. In addition to being paid thousands of dollars a year by her Christian fanbase, Rich has a standing interest in maintaining her wicked support structure: abusers of children, disconnection policies and lies for money.

Rich knows well the modus operandi of professional Secret-Scientologists and seeks to profit from these despicable tactics. It starts with an orchestrated media attack involving hiding any references to Scientology and Rich being associated. And it ends with hate videos against her own family members for speaking out against abuses.

This is Sharon Rich. She now emulates the very people she once criticized was being unethical. Now she is on the side of the abusers with the end goal of achieving financial gain, all the while breaching the trust and covenants of family. But worst of all is the betrayal to her own family and nephew whom she deserted and now spends her time harassing and attempting to make his life miserable. And all the while she continues to desecrate her own deceased sister's memory for a buck.

Sharon Rich is a bitter woman who spews anti-victim hatred about her own family’s abuses on an expensive hate website for a cult that believes in aliens rather than God, while exploiting the dead to make the only money she can. That’s how low the she has sunk.

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